Temel Taskin

Economist, World Bank

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Journal Publications
Implications of Negative Interest Rate Policies: An Early Assessment , 2018, Pacific Economic Review.
with Carlos Arteta, Ayhan Kose, Marc Stocker.
Joint Dynamics of House Prices and Foreclosures , 2015, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
with Yavuz Arslan, Bulent Guler.
Unemployment and Vacancies in Turkey: The Beveridge Curve and Matching Function , 2014, Central Bank Review.
with Birol Kanik, Enes Sunel.
Does Unemployment Insurance Crowd out Home Production? , 2013, European Economic Review.
with Bulent Guler.
Required Reserves as a Credit Policy Tool , 2013, B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics.
with Yasin Mimir, Enes Sunel.
Working Papers
Determinants of Social Distancing and Economic Activity during COVID-19: A Global View
with William F. Maloney.
Price Search, Consumption Inequality and Expenditure Inequality over the Life Cycle
with Yavuz Arslan, Bulent Guler.
Negative Interest Rate Policies: Sources and Implications
with Carlos Arteta, Ayhan Kose, Marc Stocker.
Impact of Social Assistance on Labor Market Mobility: The Case of Turkey
with Deniz Alcan, Raif Can, William Wiseman.
Resource Misalllocation in Turkey
with Ha Nguyen, Ayberk Yilmaz.

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