Temel Taskin

Economist, Bank of Canada

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Accepted for publication at the AEA Papers and Proceedings, Hidden Debt
with Bulent Guler, Yasin Kursat Onder.
Revised a working paper, Demand and Supply Shocks: Evidence from Corporate Earning Calls
with Franz Ulrich Ruch.
Accepted for publication at the International Economic Review, Price Search, Consumption Inequality and Expenditure Inequality over the Life Cycle
with Yavuz Arslan, Bulent Guler.
Posted a new working paper, Determinants of Social Distancing and Economic Activity during COVID-19: A Global View
with William F. Maloney.
Coauthored a VoxEU blog, Voluntary vs mandated social distancing and economic activity during COVID-19
with William F. Maloney.
Coauthored a World Bank blog, Social distancing is driven mostly by voluntary demobilization
with William F. Maloney.

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